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Community Contracts

I am available to provide structured workshops, training, and wellness education by contract to schools and community-based programs.

Examples of such services include:

  • In-School, theme-specific groups and workshops for students -  addressing such topics as friendship, social skills, conflict resolution, stress management, and healthy management of social media
  • In-service training or education for staff, parent club or PTA on a variety of topics pertaining to child and adolescent mental health, and parenting children in our world today

Theme-Specific Groups and Workshops Include:

  • Peer relations– Friendship Development and Peaceful Interactions
  • Stress management– Keeping It All In Perspective
  • Problem-solving– Finding the Best Solution to the Challenge
  • Assertiveness– Respectfully Speaking Up for One’s Self
  • Creative journaling– Artful Self Expression
  • Beyond myself– Giving Back for a Greater Good
  • Study skills– Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  • Self-care– Knowing and Meeting Your Own Needs
  • Environmental exploration– Appreciating What’s Around You
  • Emotional regulation– Finding and Maintaining Emotional Balance

Please call or email me for more information regarding contracted services.

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